Who is Bizcamp For?

BizCamp is for you!

BizCamp is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to come together, share experiences, and possibly create new value out of the day. It’ll be a chance to meet up with people who’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt – members of the business community, VCs and investors, and representatives from the relevant state agencies. Lost your job recently? Well, FTR! – come along to BizCamp, who knows what new opportunities might present themselves?

It’s not just technology, stupid!

People tend to associate *Camps with the Web and the tech start-ups, but our aim is to try and embrace as much of the Irish business community as possible. We want to see people from all streams – finance, operations, HR, legal, delivery specialists, R&D, marketing – and yes, even tech! Ireland Inc. has a wealth of knowledge and acumen, more than enough to help us out of these troubled times. By attending (and, more importantly, contributing!) you can help make BizCamp the first “good news story” of the recession.

Still not convinced?

Hey, it’s free, what have you got to lose? Ireland’s next multinational might be set to rise from the ashes of the Celtic Tiger, and BizCamp might be the place to get it started, help support it in any way you can, or even lead it. This is a user-generated conference, so it’s up to you what you bring to and take from the day. If you want to learn and share your thoughts with some of the brightest and enthusiastic minds in the country, then BizCamp is for you.