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May 19th, 2010 | BizCamp SouthEast | Peter Grogan | 28 Comments

Bizcamp is pretty unique for a business conference. Every one attending has the opportunity to stand up and share their area of experience and knowledge. It makes for a wonderfully friendly and collaborative environment.

We’re not looking for pitches, so please bear that in mind if you are interested in registering as a speaker….

Add your talk title and description in the comments below

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  • Siobhan O’Dwyer 05.19.2010


    It’s great to see a Bizcamp in the South-East.

    Proposed Talk Title: Escape the Red Ocean and find Clear Market Space for your Business

    I’m proposing to talk about a really brilliant market positioning tool called the Industry Canvas (it comes from ) and it’s an incredibly insightful and easy way for businesses to get a handle on how to create a really different offering.

    It’s very visual and could be explained quite quickly.

    We use it as part of our branding process and it’s proven itself over and over again but because it’s a very new tool it is hardly known out there in the business world.

    Hope that’s of interest,


  • Hi,

    really looking forward to Bizcamp!

    My presentation will be on the use of Facebook for business.

    It’s based on my own experiences working in and researching Social Network Marketing over the past 5 years. A key part will be research I carried out last year amongst adults aged 18 – 30, in Ireland and the UK, on their attitudes and opinions of Social Network Marketing. I’ll demonstrate how this info can then be applied in a practical sense for organisations, either looking to use Facebook for the first time, or improve their current social network strategy.

    You can get more info on me at my marketing blog

    Hopefully see you all in a few weeks.

  • Our experience of iGap ( – 6 months of participation in the newest support program from Enterprise Ireland/Internet Alliance for potential high growth start ups in the internet space.

    And how our experience/learnings are relevant to startups in any sector.


  • Talk title – Money for Focal

    How to get paid for using a bit of Irish in your comms – it’s easy and lucrative! Plus a bit on the other benefits to business of integrating and associating with the Irish language.

    We have worked with a number of clients in Ireland who have gained from an Gaeilge financially as well as in terms of their brand identity and appeal to consumers.

    This is relevant to all businesses operating in Ireland.

    A bit about me – Managing Director of Angel Marketing, full service marketing agency based in Dublin and the South East. We help businesses out with brand development, marketing strategy and communications and all that that entails!

  • New Strategies for Doing Business

    This talk is about letting go of the assumptions around how you’ve done business in the past and creating something that works for you in this current era and climate now and going forward. It’s about true innovation, human interaction and blending this with profit motives that are planned for.

    Here are some “how to’s” for changing your business to suit a different business era. It’s based on our experiences of working with entrepreneurs and business owners since 1996 and how they’ve had to change the way that they look at their business in the last couple of years with great success.

    This is relevant to all businesses who want to take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging at present.

    A bit about me – Managing Director of The Marketing Table, strategic marketing and business development practice based in the South East. Simply put, we help people grow their business by challenging how they’ve done it in the past and showing them what’s possible for them now and in the future.

  • It would be interesting to have a talk / presentation / discussing about what Cloud Computing really means for SMEs and what are some Practical Applications / Implications for Businesses in the Southeast. I don’t mean a theoretical discussion but Real World Examples.

    I think a lot of companies could benefit from Cloud Computing if they could break through some of the Hype and Technical Jargon surrounding it, and understood how it could be applied to their businesses.

    John Timmons

  • Hi John…

    Thanks for the suggestion… I have a number of people in mind, so will see what I can do!

    Looking forward to meeting you on the day!

    Cheers… Peter

  • I am looking forward to bizcamp too, great to have it in the southeast.

    I can do a talk on utilising the power of play in work.

    Title: Prototype your ideas with LEGO.

    With the focus on the smart economy, the need for innovation and creativity in the workplace has been widely discussed. LEGO in conjunction with IMD and building on previous research conducted in other universities including MIT developed a process of using LEGO bricks to facilitate serious play in business. Serious play taps the dynamics of play as the function of play is basically an process which children naturally use to rapidly learn. In my presentation I will outline the theory behind serious play and outline some practical uses of the process in business.

    Background: I am the founder of a startup web business which helps consumers to discover affordable shipping. I have extensive experience of using various problem solving and facilitation tools including LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

    Rory O’Connor

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  • “User Interface Design for the rest of us….”

    This practical session will teach you by way of example,
    the do’s and the don’ts of good UI – it will show some of the
    pitfalls and give some hopefully useful tips.

    A good user interface, and the resulting experience, can be the
    difference between being first or not…. if you’re brave, bring along
    some screenshots of your app/website on USB and we might have
    some time to give some constructive criticism!

  • I’m interested in the concept and would like to attend to see if we could get a similar event in Kerry. I will confirm attendance later.

    Keep up the good work.

    MOC ex MERGO

  • I could stir up the techies and nerds with ‘Why we need flash on iPhone & iPad’. Could liven things up in the graveyard session after lunch! Maybe a bit off-topic, but there is a general issue coming up of developing for multiple mobile devices.

  • Great to see bizcamp in Waterford :-)

    I’d love to talk about our “Top Ten Tips for 2010″ (based on e-book available from our homepage).

    It’s a no-nonsense marketing approach to business success, very practical. We talk about everything from marketing to selling to innovation to finance, offering proven advice on what things can be done to make your business more successful.

  • “Crafting Outstanding Presentations – Storytelling Techniques”.
    In short, what if Spielberg shared his storytelling devices with the Presentation Zen generation? That’s right, you would push the boundaries of the current state of the art in presentations.

    I presented it at bizcamp Dublin for the first time and the feedback has been simply overwhelming.

  • Missed one in Dublin so looking forward to this Bizcamp.

    I would like to talk about the “Art of Language – Key to Influencing”.

    Whether you are positioning your product/service or negotiating with a supplier your ability to influence & get into the others person’s frame of mind is key to getting what you want & bringing them around to your way of thinking.

    Having spent years in hardware & sofware industries & working with multi culturaI teams I have many times acted as bridge between the techies & non techies in past & between multi cultural groups.


  • Services account for about 70% of the economy however there is little thought put into the design of the services we offer. I will talk about why it is more important than ever to carefully design your service offering and how to go about it.

  • Hi,
    Looking forward to attending this course.
    I would like to give a talk on “Selling your products online in the Irish market”

    Best regards,
    Philip Hayes

  • Hi,

    sounds like a great event and i’ve already registered to attend.

    i’d like to share some of my knowledge of internet marketing in particular SEO & Google Adwords and what you should be doing in 2010 to be successful online


  • Hi
    We’ve just completed the 7th Business Angel investment in the SE and 51st for the Irish Network. To date Business Angles have invested €8.9m of their own funds and leveraged other funding of €9.8m for early stage startup and innovative companies. I will be talking about South East BIC and how we run Business Angels here in this neck of the woods. Hope to see a few interested promotors there on the day.

  • Hi Folks, great agenda and nice line up of speakers; I’m just sorry I wont be able to make it but have passed onto a few people who I think should be in the South East this weekend. Best of luck and I look forward to reading the post BizCamp notes!


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