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(Timetable subject to change – updated 10/06/2010  at 20:19)

What is BizCamp SouthEast?

A free conference/ gathering which is happening in Waterford on Saturday 12th June 2010. The venue is Arclabs Research & Innovation Centre, WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Waterford.

Seriously – what is it?

It’s a chance for us all to lift ourselves out of the gloom of the endless bad news stories. It’s based on the fact that each of us as entrepreneurs have loads to learn from our peers. And we have a lot to share with them as well. There are a lot of great things happening in the Irish Economy – especially in small and medium businesses and this day will be a celebration of those. And a great place to come for people who have lost their jobs and are actively looking at starting up.

I’ll sign up to attend, but not sure about talking.

At each event about 1/3rd of the attendees also give talks and it can be daunting for the first time. Everything about this is voluntary so don’t worry about just attending – please do sign up.

Once you have done give the idea of a talk one last chance – the day does not work without it!

I hate listening to Sales Pitches

So do we – every one of us. Life is too short. Talks at bizcamp can be based on things like:

  • skill sets which a speaker will share,
  • experiences that are relevant for others to hear about or
  • lessons learned that will help the audience to avoid similar ones.

They are explicitly not about sales pitches and the Rule Of Two Feet will be open to all – if you are caught in a sales pitch then stand up and walk out. We will be making this clear to all speakers to help them get into the spirit of the day.

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BizCamp is for you!

BizCamp is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to come together, share experiences, and possibly create new value out of the day. It’ll be a chance to meet up with people who’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt – members of the business community, VCs and investors, and representatives from the relevant state agencies. Lost your job recently? Well, FTR! – come along to BizCamp, who knows what new opportunities might present themselves?

It’s not just technology!

People tend to associate *Camps with the Web and the tech start-ups, but our aim is to try and embrace as much of the Irish business community as possible. We want to see people from all streams – finance, operations, HR, legal, delivery specialists, R&D, marketing – and yes, even tech! Ireland Inc. has a wealth of knowledge and acumen, more than enough to help us out of these troubled times. By attending (and, more importantly, contributing!) you can help make BizCamp the first “good news story” of the recession.

Still not convinced?

Hey, it’s free, what have you got to lose? Ireland’s next multinational might be set to rise from the ashes of the Celtic Tiger, and BizCamp might be the place to get it started, help support it in any way you can, or even lead it. This is a user-generated conference, so it’s up to you what you bring to and take from the day. If you want to learn and share your thoughts with some of the brightest and enthusiastic minds in the country, then BizCamp is for you.

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Registration starts from 9am, talks start at 10am.
Event finished around 5.30pm.

Click here to download Saturday’s schedule / timetable

(Timetable subject to change – updated 09/06/2010)


Arcabs Research & Innovation Centre
WIT West Campus

Sat Nav Co-Ords:  52.25382N /  7.18802W

Driving south to Waterford

Follow the N9 to Waterford
On the approach to Waterford, take the N25 towards Cork
Take the N25, cross the bridge over the River Suir (this is a toll bridge)
Take the first exit on the left after the toll plaza on to the R710
At the second roundabout (Old Kilmeaden Road), turn right
Take the next right (about 150 m from the roundabout)
Follow the road down to the WIT campus

Driving east to Waterford

Follow the N25 to Waterford
On the approach to Waterford, exit on to the R710
At the second roundabout (Old Kilmeaden Road), turn right
Take the next exit on the right (about 150 m from the roundabout)
Follow the road down to the WIT campus

Click here for interactive map

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Speakers and Talks

Click here to download Saturday’s schedule / timetable

(Timetable subject to change – updated 10/06/2010 at 20:19)

Speakers  (in no particular order):

Consistency 4 credibility

Win clients by communicating clearly with them. How to be consistent with the language you use in your business communications from Twitter to email, websites to Facebook pages and anything in print. Elaine Larkin –

Tough times, obstacles,  dealing with stress in business

Colette Bannon – Workcoach.ie

Building Relationships on Facebook

Conor Ryan – Betapond

New Strategies for Doing Business

This talk is about letting go of the assumptions around how you’ve done business in the past and creating something that works for you in this current era and climate now and going forward. It’s about true innovation, human interaction and blending this with profit motives that are planned for. Finola Howard -The Marketing Table

Getting ready for angel investment: how the Halo network works

Michael Maddock – South East Business Innovation Centre (SEBIC)

Facebook: Marketing that works

Luke Abbott – mrlukeabbott.com

Pivoting: Sonru.com’s Lean Evolution

Ed, founder and Director of Product Development will speak about Sonru’s evolution from paper prototype to coded product and how following lean principles allowed him to effectively design his award winning product in response to market/customer demands. Ed Hendrick – Sonru.com

Discipline… the toughest challenge of owning a business

Fergus Doyle – The Business Troubleshooter

High growth start ups in the internet space

Our experience of iGap (http://www.alliance.ie/index.php/blog) – 6 months of participation in the newest support program from Enterprise Ireland/Internet Alliance for potential high growth start ups in the internet space. And how our experience/learnings are relevant to startups in any sector. Keith Bohanna – DBtwang.com

Proof of Concept – A boot camp for your ideas

Dr Paul McEvoy – Technology From Ideas

Starting a brewery: blood, sweat and beers

Tom Dalton – Dungarvan Brewing Company

Custom eLearning Development

John Rooney – Rodarim

Find your voice – Shape your words – Shape your future

Joe is a very experienced toastmaster and was a founder member of the Tramore club and also founded the Gorey Club. Joe Mernagh – Tramore Toastmasters

Serious Play: prototyping your ideas with LEGO

With the focus on the smart economy, the need for innovation and creativity in the workplace has been widely discussed. LEGO in conjunction with IMD and building on previous research conducted in other universities including MIT developed a process of using LEGO bricks to facilitate serious play in business. Serious play taps the dynamics of play as the function of play is basically an process which children naturally use to rapidly learn. In my presentation I will outline the theory behind serious play and outline some practical uses of the process in business.  Rory O’Connor – Scurri.com

User Interface Design

Allen O’Neill

Money for Focal

How to get paid for using a bit of Irish in your comms – it’s easy and lucrative! Plus a bit on the other benefits to business of integrating and associating with the Irish language. Paula Ronan – Angel Marketing

Top Ten Tips for 2010

It’s a no-nonsense marketing approach to business success, very practical. We talk about everything from marketing to selling to innovation to finance, offering proven advice on what things can be done to make your business more successful. Margaret Durand – Passion for Creative

A guide to understanding cloud computing

Jerry Horgan – TSSG

Challenging Your Business Model

Eugene Crehan – SEEPP

Information Fuel

Daragh O’Brien – Castlebridge Associates

When to hire the first sales person…

& how the owner-manager makes this transition. Tom Doherty – Beyond Targets

Crafting Outstanding Presentations – Storytelling Techniques

In short, what if Spielberg shared his storytelling devices with the Presentation Zen generation? That’s right, you would push the boundaries of the current state of the art in presentations. Claudio Perrone – Agile Sensei

Art of Language – Key to Influencing

Whether you are positioning your product/service or negotiating with a supplier your ability to influence & get into the others person’s frame of mind is key to getting what you want & bringing them around to your way of thinking. Jo Brennan – Real Solutions

Building an on-line eco-system for entrpreneurs

Our experience in launching an new on-line service. Loughlin Nestor Nubie.com

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Register for Bizcamp Dublin

Registration for this event is free of charge.

Tickets are available via our EventElephant site. Numbers are limited, so book early.

If you would also register as a speaker, please add to the comments on this page here.

If you have any questions you can ask Peter / Tom at southeast@bizcamp.ie for any other information.

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