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September 14th, 2009 | BizCamp Dublin, Featured, Sessions/Talks | alanorourke | 5 Comments

We had a great selection of entrepreneurs and others offering to do talks for Bizcamp this coming Saturday. Over 70 in fact – and with 40 speaking slots there are a number of people whose offers we cannot take up. A sincere thank you to each of you.

Here is the schedule – it is draft and subject to inevitable change coming up to the day. But it is close to what will actually happen. Coloured in by Alan in Spoiltchild.

bizcamp-schedule-screen-ready (2.1Mb pdf download – there may have been printing issues with previous format)

For any speakers dropping by here. 3 things to ask of you:

1. No sales pitches. Please. This is a day for sharing experiences and skill sets. Pitch for business elsewhere.

2. If you are using an Apple laptop please bring an adaptor for same.

3. Try and keep to the timetable, and suss out your room beforehand – there are 5 so it may get confusing!

thanks, keith

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  • Ger Hartnett 09.14.2009

    Woohoo. Thanks for picking me guys. Here’s an expanded description of the discussion I’m planning to facilitate.

    Simple Project Management for Startups. The most brilliant idea with no execution is worth €13.71. Make more of your ideas. Help others make more of theirs.

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