Big Thanks to our Sponsors & Supporters

September 11th, 2009 | BizCamp Dublin | alanorourke | 7 Comments

One week to go and time to say a big thank you to the businesses who have made a free day possible for us.


First off Microsoft Bizspark. Clare Dillon who runs this program has been so supportive of the bizcamp so a really big heart out to her :-)


Bank Of Ireland were there for the last one as well – good to have you guys on board.


Mason, Hayes and Curran are solicitors in Dublin who do a hell of a lot of work with start-ups and (speaking from personal experience) have a strong commercial skill-set to bring to the legal side of any business.

bizcamp_mhc are also new to us with this event so welcome.



Our supporters are Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Internet Association. Bizcamp happens because a group of volunteers put the time in to organise it. Both the EI and the IIA have been helping out with back office stuff which makes the organisation a lot easier for us.


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