Next Bizcamp Dublin – Saturday 19th September 2009

July 15th, 2009 | BizCamp Dublin, Featured, Location | keithbohanna | 8 Comments

This site is currently being reworked and while we are waiting for that to be implemented put Saturday 19th September into your diary.

Venue: Guinness Storehouse, Dublin (their contact us and directions page)

Time: Probably 10am to 5pm

The venue is bigger so we anticipate up to 400 entrepreneurs gathered for a great, free day of learning and networking with other businesses. There will be 4 streams of speakers and an afternoon panel discussion.

more to come….


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  • Gita 07.15.2009

    Let me know if I can do any talks in there.

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  • Same date as Software Freedom Day and OSS BarCamp, a pity:

  • why, why, oh why on the same day as the OSS Bar Camp?

    Freedom comes first… ;-]

  • Thanks Gita – as soon as the revamp of the site backend is ready you will be able to register and put forward a talk.

    Matthew and Mean-Machine, agreed. Its a bugger for a small number of people who would have wanted to go to both. We had a choice of one Saturday in September and one in October in this venue and the October one was in the same week as a Business Post SME conference in the same venue which would have caused a lot of confusion.

    However in Sept/Oct you will clash with something pretty much every Saturday. Hope the OSScamp goes really well.


  • would like to attend the next Bizcamp Dublin on Sep 19th – is any formal registration is required?

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  • Dahm it! I did not realise this was on until it was over! When is the next one, or has there been another one scheduled yet?

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