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Feedback for the dublin event. Don’t expect much here till after.

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  • Jairo 01.29.2009

    Can I suggest we have a room for web 2.0 programmers similar to ? It would be nice to chat with the guys doing the code and learn a few tricks from the pros!

  • Thanks for your suggestion Jairo however technology will not be a main focus of this Bizcamp and we dont expect many programmers.

  • This is quite a hot info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

  • What would be very useful here is a way to tag users in the list of registered attendees that would allow an opportunity to arrange to meet up on the day.

    A simple click to tag would provide the attendee an email to say that “X” at “YYY Co.” would like to chat with you on the day.

    This would allow people to arrange times to meet up as not everyone can attend all day and would reduce the bobbing heads looking around for people they want to meet and leaving perhaps in frustration after missing a good opportunity to connect.

    If this could be done in the short time permitting or at least put into the next Bizcamp networking meetup.

  • Thanks to everyone involved in organising the Bizcamp – my first one and I loved it!

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