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Fri, Sep 25, 2009

BizCamp Dublin

Written by Ian Campell who spent a couple of hours at the event last Saturday it captures the mood really nicely.

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PUTTING ANY talk of recession to one side, about 300 budding entrepreneurs gathered at BizCamp in Dublin last Saturday to soak up free advice that ranged from no-nonsense business planning to more esoteric ideas on what it takes to succeed.

From number-crunching to brain-training, Adrian Avendano hosted a session on using the two sides of your brain, but it was not always motivational. “If you’re going to do a start-up, you’re going to fail,” he said. “Fact. The thing is to get over it.”

Next door, it was less about sides of the brain and more about using your brain at all. “We seldom see a clear description of a product,” said Enterprise Ireland’s David Lucy, in an instructive talk on the common pitfalls in business plans.

Not just about presentations, BizCamp is a day when delegates have the opportunity to network among themselves. It is hard to imagine anywhere outside of singles club where introductions and personal details are exchanged with such speed and enthusiasm.

The mood was defiantly upbeat. It was the second event the BizCamp organisers have run this year and with the help of its sponsors, two more are planned for 2010, something that will be enthusiastically welcomed judging by the comments of one delegate.

“This is the kind of event the country needs,” he said. “It helps us to feel good about ourselves again.”

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